Published Friday, March 26, 2021

Brain science yesterday, today and tomorrow

Readers who have watched the science fiction movie "Inception" will definitely be shocked by the protagonist's ability to sneak into the human brain and enter dreams. Brain science in reality explores similar phenomena.

Brain science has always been regarded by scientists as the "crown jewel" of contemporary science and technology, and is also a strategic highland for scientific and technological competition between countries.

With the continuous breakthroughs in contemporary brain science and technology research, especially the increasing development of brain control and brain control technology, human development and utilization of the brain has entered a new stage.

Brain control technology and mind control technology

Today, research on brain science has become a "must compete" for countries around the world to invest "heavy forces". Relevant countries have proposed "brain plans" to accelerate the development of brain science based on their own characteristics and needs, and have intensified research efforts in the field of brain science. Major breakthroughs have been made in brain control technology and brain control technology.

Brain control technology usually refers to technology that affects the human brain and nerves through physical, chemical and other means, thereby affecting people's spirit, consciousness, psychology, behavior, or producing hallucinations, visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations and other effects.

Brain control technology is actually a technology for controlling the human mind and nerves, which is based on the acquisition, interpretation, dissemination and control of information in the brain.

No two people in the world have the same brainwave fingerprint. Like a fingerprint, each person has a specific brainwave signature, or brainwave fingerprint. This brainwave fingerprint is as unique as the fingerprint of the hand and the fingerprint of the eye's iris.

The basic principle of brain control technology is: first, through some special means, the human brain wave signature code is collected, and decoded using computer decoding software, and various nerves such as vision, hearing, language, and emotion are separated from the brain wave signal. activity signal and recorded in the computer. Secondly, a computer is used to encode according to the brain wave characteristic code, and then the information is directly written into the brain in a specific way, thereby controlling the human brain by controlling brain waves.

The impact of brain control technology on human society is twofold.

On the one hand, brain control technology can greatly shorten people's learning time, directly conduct brain wave conversations, form an international Internet of human brains, use the brain to create what you think is what you get, and copy the content of your brain to the computer. Ordinary people can protect their privacy by wearing jammers, and they can also restore sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and speech to the mute, etc.

On the other hand, once brain control technology is in the hands of a few people or groups with ulterior motives, they will exert control over other people to achieve certain purposes.

Brain control technology is brain-computer integration technology. It combines brain intelligence with artificial intelligence based on computer technology through a brain-computer interface, using the brain as a component of the computer control system to form a new system that has the flexibility and intelligence of the brain and the high speed and large capacity of the computer, used to control various devices and systems.

Brain-computer interface establishes a direct channel between the human or animal brain and external devices. The general principle is: the system collects the user's brain signals, inputs the brain signals into the computer, processes them in real time, digs out information that reflects the human brain's intentions, and further converts this information into control instructions to control external devices in real time.

The control effect of the external device is fed back to the user, and the user can adjust the brain control strategy based on this feedback to further improve control efficiency. In this process, the human brain plays the role of "commander", and the "commands" issued are implicit in the brain signals, which are interpreted by the computer.

"Brain control" can be divided into three steps: the first step is to read the brain. That is to use some means to identify changes in brain scalp current and blood flow information, amplify weak brain waves, use computers to analyze people's intentions, and read people's thoughts. The second step is instruction conversion. "Brain control" systems use computers to convert human thoughts into machine control instructions. The final step is command transmission. The system sends the converted robot instructions to the robot through a wireless device, allowing it to complete the actions according to the instructions, thereby enabling the robot to be controlled by the human brain.

With the development of external device technologies such as virtual reality, mechanical exoskeletons, and transcranial electromagnetic stimulation, brain-computer interface technology can be implanted in smartphones, wearable devices, etc. that people carry with them every day.

Brain control weapons and mind control weapons

The advancement of brain control technology and its application in the military field have led to the emergence of a new battlefield confrontation method - brain-controlled weapons and brain-controlled weapons.

Brain control weapons are a new type of weapons developed using brain control technology. Usually refers to weapons that affect the human brain and nerves through physical, chemical and other technical means.

Electronic mind control weapons are a typical brain control weapon. Its working principle is: collect human brainwave signature codes and store them in the computer. The decoding software decodes them based on the brainwave signature codes, and separates various neuronal activity signals such as visual, auditory, language, and emotion from the brainwave signals, and uses them to represent images and text. The method is displayed on the screen and recorded in the computer.

In turn, the information that needs to be written into the brain can be encoded by the computer according to the brain wave signature code, and then the information can be written directly into the brain, thereby controlling the human brain. The controlled person's vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, as well as language, emotions, subconsciousness, dreams, and even love reactions, can all be read and controlled remotely.

The zombie gun developed by Russia is this kind of brain-control weapon. It uses a gun-like launcher to emit special electromagnetic waves, sound waves, etc. to specific areas, which can effectively affect the enemy's emotions and thinking, thereby losing combat effectiveness.

Brain-controlled weapons are weapons directly controlled by the human brain. With the development of brain control technology, the integration of humans and weapons has become possible.

After entering the 21st century, the United States began to explore the military application of brain-computer interface technology, investing heavily in research on the interaction mechanism between weapons and humans, in an attempt to use human thoughts to control robot soldiers to reduce war casualty rates. In 2004, the United States funded multiple laboratories to conduct research on "thought-controlled robots" and collaborated with commercial R&D institutions and local governments to develop multiple brain-computer interface technologies such as brain hearing devices, psychic and physiological response systems, and radio hypnosis generators.

In addition, brain control technology can also enhance the practicality and confrontation of military training, improve the effect of simulation training, and can better solve the problem of feedback and process playback in military training, providing a basis for military training evaluation and program formulation.

Brain control technology not only promotes the further evolution of the existing network information combat system towards intelligence and human-machine integration, but also creates upgrades from "natural warriors" to "super warriors" with superb combat skills and powerful strength. When brain control technology is highly developed and humans and machines are fully integrated, human beings will truly say goodbye to their tragic role as the end of war, and use their own wisdom to interact with the "cloud brain" to remotely control frontline drones, unmanned armored vehicles, and "super soldiers" "Waiting for the war subjects to start a life-and-death struggle.

Brain confrontation and intelligent warfare

The development and military application of brain control technology and brain control technology, especially the emergence of brain control weapons and brain control weapons, will give a completely new look to the overall look of future battlefield confrontations.

The battle between brain control and anti-brain control will be fierce. In the history of war, people have been looking for weapons that can effectively suppress the enemy's will to fight. The emergence of brain-control weapons has enabled people to finally find a weapon that can truly "conquer the enemy without fighting." As a non-lethal weapon, the main combat goal of brain-controlled weapons is not to physically kill the enemy, but to change or even control the enemy from the mental level, so that the enemy "actively" surrenders or gives up combat operations. Preventing the enemy from carrying out brain-control attacks on oneself has become an important combat task.

The confrontation between brain control and anti-brain control will continue to escalate. With the continuous development of brain control technology, human-machine integrated brain control weapons are becoming increasingly perfect and have become the main means of battlefield confrontation. The combat subjects have transformed from "knowledge warriors" to "super warriors", and the combat platforms have transformed from information-based "low-intelligence" to With the development of brain-like "high intelligence", the combat style has evolved from "system combat" to "open source combat". Cutting off the brain control link, weakening and destroying the enemy's brain control weapons has become an important part of the decisive battle on the battlefield. In this process, the human brain will become the main target of attack by both hostile parties, and the battle for intelligence around the human brain will become increasingly fierce.

Brain-controlled weapons and brain-controlled weapons will be widely used in future intelligent battlefields. The self-generation, self-organization, and self-evolution of military "intelligent systems" will continue to develop. In war, opposing parties are no longer limited to using energy to kill the enemy, but also control the enemy's thoughts and actions through brain confrontation.

The purpose of brain confrontation is not to destroy the enemy's body, but to conquer the enemy's will. This means that the way to win in war will shift from "destruction" to "control". Brain-controlled weapons and brain-controlled weapons will become new means of intelligent warfare in the future. Brain confrontation will become a new form of battlefield confrontation in the future, thereby changing the rules of war and promoting The development of the military intelligence revolution.


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