Published Friday, June 1, 2018

The future war may start from the "cerebral cortex"——

Brain-controlled weapons: both real and illusory, a bit "mysterious"

As the saying goes, you know people, but you don't know their hearts. It's so difficult to even guess people's thoughts, so how can we talk about controlling the human brain? Nowadays, there are really people in the world who are thinking about how to turn the scenes of controlling other people's thoughts in martial arts novels into reality. They only need to use a "trump card"--brain control weapons. According to foreign media reports, brain control weapons mainly affect the human brain through physical and chemical means and control the thinking activities of the human brain. In fact, the prototype of brain-controlled weapons has already appeared in some countries. Once the technology matures, it may play an immeasurable role in future wars.

Focusing on the heart——

a silent contest

Speaking of brain-computer interface technology, people must be familiar with it. This technology, which records and analyzes brain signals to guess the "thoughts" of others, and then translates them into corresponding commands to control computers, is similar to brain-controlled weapons. Brain control weapons are "brain control techniques" based on the acquisition, interpretation, dissemination and control of human brain information. They directly affect and control human thinking by "attacking the mind first".

According to foreign media reports, brain-controlled weapons can even produce a hallucinogenic effect - allowing enemies on the battlefield to disarm and surrender under the guidance of one's own signals.

In recent years, foreign researchers have further proposed the concept of "cortical warfare", which aims to control the enemy's military operations by influencing and intervening in the consciousness of enemy commanders and combatants. This kind of military confrontation that focuses on the cognitive field can be called an "invisible war" in the true sense, and is also an important manifestation of intellectual warfare and thinking warfare.

In order to win this "invisible war", military powers such as the United States and Russia are constantly thinking about brain-controlled weapons. After the end of World War II, the United States began recruiting technical experts in psychological warfare. Against the background of the game between the United States and the Soviet Union, the CIA had long begun research into destroying or controlling human thinking, and a large number of early "brain control experiments" were launched one after another. By the 1950s, the CIA had successively conducted research on various brain-controlled weapon projects such as "Blue Bird", "Atticek", and "Makutra". It was not until 1973 that it was gradually released due to the intervention of the US Congress. slow.

Russia also proposed forward-looking weapons research proposals in 2012, including long-shelved brain-controlled weapons, which can disrupt the human body's central nervous system by emitting electromagnetic waves, sound waves and other signals.

Unheard of——

A soldier who subdues others without fighting

In "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, "conquering the enemy without fighting" is the highest state of war. In the future, the emergence of brain-controlled weapons may completely rewrite the bloody life-and-death scenes on the battlefield, and "conquering the enemy without fighting" may become a reality.

In fact, the technical principles of brain-controlled weapons are not complicated. Various activities of the human brain will produce corresponding brain waves, but as everyone knows, brain waves are also human identification characteristics - each person's brain wave "fingerprint" is unique. Taking advantage of the uniqueness of brain wave characteristics, we first collect the characteristic codes of human brain waves and store them in the computer, and then use special "translation" software to interpret various neural activity signals such as vision, hearing, language, and emotion. In fact, it has Completed "Mind Reading". When it is time to write information to the "brain disk", the information can be implanted directly into the brain by simply encoding specific brain waves.

The development of brain-controlled weapons also involves big data analysis of thousands of brainwave samples in the database. Obtaining the correspondence between psychological characteristics and brainwave shapes is like finding the key to the "door to the soul." After that, professional technicians use electromagnetic waves to transmit specific signals to the human body, and brain-controlled weapons can quietly change human emotional states, and ultimately achieve specific military purposes.

At present, brain-controlled weapons are mainly divided into electromagnetic wave weapons, sound wave weapons and light wave weapons. Electromagnetic wave weapons can be specifically divided into different types such as electric fields, magnetic fields, and microwaves. The "Active Avoidance System", a new type of non-lethal weapon previously developed by the U.S. military, emits high-frequency electromagnetic waves to make the target feel unbearably hot, making the attacker feel as if he is "in an oven." Its effective range is up to one kilometer. In fact, electromagnetic waves and sound waves can affect the normal activities of human brain cells, and can even "launch" suggestions and commands directly into the human brain. Therefore, methods including infrasound waves, ultrasonic waves, ultraviolet rays, lasers, etc. have become brain cells. The research direction of weapons control.

Previously, the U.S. Department of Defense has developed a "mind-reading helmet" that can "read" soldiers' brain waves - soldiers can "read" each other's brain activities without speaking. The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory now has the ability to input sentences directly into the brain. In addition, American researchers have also developed a new type of psychological illusion weapon with the help of lasers, which can project false images on any ground and atmosphere on the battlefield in an attempt to crush the opponent's will to resist and guide them to give up resistance or even surrender.

Not to be underestimated——

"Gentle" weapons are not gentle

The history of war has never lacked weapons that interfere with the enemy's will. Since World War I, the British Army has had a team dedicated to "brainwashing" German soldiers using German-language broadcasts. "Tokyo Rose", which once caused a headache for the US military, also relied on its affectionate homesickness program to make American soldiers desert. During the Gulf War, the US military also specially organized a group of Arabic-speaking "surrender teams" to repeatedly "inform" the Iraqi army of its "brilliant results" as soon as possible, causing a large number of Iraqi officers and soldiers to mistakenly believe that they were in a situation where "the situation was over". Captured without hesitation.

Unlike the "sincere" persuasion on the battlefield of psychological warfare in the past, the combat effectiveness of brain-controlled weapons is simpler and more efficient. As early as during the Iraq War, the U.S. Department of Defense directly disrupted the mental state of Iraqi soldiers by emitting ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which ultimately caused thousands of Iraqi soldiers to surrender without a fight.

In fact, not only is Russia stepping up the development of "zombie guns" that can completely control targets, but the United States' "brain-controlled agents" have also been active in many sensitive areas. From the pursuit of lethality during the Cold War, even inducing enemy soldiers to commit suicide, to now more and more "turning enemies into friends", making enemies drop their weapons and surrender, future brain-controlled weapons can even completely control human emotions and actions. Therefore, this increasingly "gentle" looking weapon should never be underestimated.

However, extending the field of military confrontation to the human cerebral cortex is a provocation to the ethics and morality of war. Research shows that the use of brain-controlled weapons will have serious "sequelae" on the victims. Once such weapons are mastered and abused by terrorists, they will pose a great threat to human security. Therefore, brain-controlled weapons that are as powerful as nuclear weapons should only be used as a strategic deterrent like nuclear weapons, and this "Pandora's Box" should never be opened.


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